Verifone VX 520

Get more out of your payment device with the VX 520. Trusted by millions of merchants, the VX 520 is one of the strongest, fastest, and most reliable countertop terminals available on the market today. It’s a compact countertop unit, delivering ease-of-use, unprecedented performance, uncompromising security and unparalleled features.

Rugged. Reliable. Robust.

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Customer-Centric Loyalty

Uncompromising Security

PCI PTS 3.X compliant, the VX 520 features end-to-end encryption and built-in support for next generation payment methods, EMV and NFC. So you’ll avoid taking on non-EMV liability and you’re ready to take new, popular payment methods, Apple Pay® and Android Pay™. Your customers will feel safe knowing that their credit card information is being transmitted with the latest security.
And staying current is a breeze too, because the terminal updates automatically to the latest firmware, giving you new security updates and value-added features by the time you turn on your “Open” sign.
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Fast and Expandable

Your Choice in Connectivity

The VX 520 is one of the strongest and fastest terminals on the market. Its 400 MHz processor and 160 MB of memory (expandable to 500 MB) enables you to deliver lightning-fast transactions and run value-added applications like gift cards.
Learn more about MyGiftCentral.
The VX 520 has dial and Ethernet connectivity options, both with uniquely-designed ports underneath the device to keep your countertop clean and clutter-free.

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