Accept EMV Chip Card Payments  On The Go

SwipeSimple is a mobile point of sale solution that enables merchants to quickly and securely accept credit card payments from any smartphone or tablet

Start accepting credit cards  quickly, simply, and on the go.


A fast and effective payment terminal in your pocket.

Our mobile app and credit card readers form a full-featured and easy-to-use payment terminal, which you can carry in your pocket. Take your business with you, and make sales anywhere.

Take payments seamlessly anywhere.

Fast and easy checkout

Multi-merchant, multi-user

Set up purchases in seconds, and take credit card and cash payments quickly. Your customers sign and tip on your mobile device, and can receive receipts through text or email.

Each of your employees or locations can take payments under their own name. With this function, you can see how each sales rep at each merchant location is doing.

Inventory tracking & management on mobile.

Real-time updates

Get insight into your inventory wherever you are, with real-time updates on the status and quantity of each item.

Manage your inventory

Edit item details, including name, SKU, price, taxability, quantity. Add new items quickly, and sort your inventory for easy access.

All your devices, interconnected

Any updates you make on one device can be synced across the rest and back to your web dashboard. Convenience at its finest.

SwipeSimple EMV Card Reader

Our rugged card readers read both EMV chip and magnetic stripe cards, and connect via the audio jack port on your iOS or Android device. (Also compatible with iPhone 7 Lightning adapter.)




Our readers encrypt card information before it enters the mobile device, providing protection of sensitive data

Our readers work on both iOS and Android devices, and support both tablets and smartphones

Accept EMV chip cards, improving security and reducing your liability

Back office at your fingertips.

The SwipeSimple Merchant Dashboard provides reporting and analytic tools, inventory management, and customization to help you run an effective business.

Transaction reporting

Understand your customers

Know what sells well (and not so much), at what times, dates, and locations. SwipeSimple’s powerful reporting tools let you organize and understand purchase data, to help you make better business decisions



Get key insights at a glance

The visual dashboard presents summaries of your vitals at a glance. The most important information you need at your fingertips, synced for monitoring in real time

Use your data however you like

Analyze data your own way. Seamlessly export transaction data in CSV format, for easy integration with your favorite accounting and analytics software

Centralized management & onboarding

Multiple user accounts for your staff

Easily create multiple log-ins for your staff and locations, with SwipeSimple’s fast onboarding process

Customize your transaction settings

Toggle and edit taxes, tips, offline mode and signatures for all your terminals.

Create and send custom receipts

Create customized receipts with your own brand messaging, and send them to your customers through email and text.


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