On-The-Go Payments

Unlike many of our competitors, PayHub offers a full suite of utilities that empower businesses to get the most out of their merchant account and payment processing.


Our free payment gateway shows all transaction data collectively through one portal, and with our advanced API connectivity makes processing through your existing site easier than ever before.


We offer an extensive library of shopping cart plug-ins and card processing swipe devices which make using our centralized payment gateway even more useful.

Use your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device to take credit cards and more.

For iOS® and Android

PayHub Mobile is feature complete on the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Android devices.

Whether you use iOS or Android, PayHub Mobile is here for you.

End-to-End Encryption

PayHub Mobile doesn’t just encrypt card information in the app, it encrypts the information from the swiper itself. Your customers will feel safe when they know their credit card numbers are never stored on your device and are always transmitted fully encrypted, from the swiper, through the app to PayHub’s gateway.

Sale, Refunds and More

Flexible Tax Entry

Do more than just sale transactions. PayHub Mobile can also perform refunds, authorizations (when you want to capture the transaction at a later time) and offline transactions (when you’ve already authorized one through the phone).
PayHub Mobile will automatically calculate the tax amount based on your personal default on PayHub’s virtual terminal. But if you want to change it at the point of transaction, you can do that too.

Notes, Invoice Numbers and Customer Info

Cash tracking

Attach a note, an invoice number and customer information (like names and phone numbers) to the transaction, so you can easily search for or reference them at a later date.
PayHub Mobile is more than a credit card transaction platform, it can keep a record of your cash transactions too!

Manual Entry

Address Verification

Can’t swipe a card? You can manually enter a credit card too!
Enjoy enhanced security by turning on AVS and double checking address information from your customer’s bank.

Electronic Signatures


Let your customer sign on the screen. Their signatures are captured electronically and saved for later.
Allow your customers to add tips. They can add them during the transaction, or write it on the printed receipt for you to add it later in the day.

Easily View Your Transaction History

PayHub Mobile displays your transaction history in an easy to view format.

Search Through Your Transactions

PayHub Mobile makes it easy to search through your transactions and find the one you need.

Emailed Receipts

Save paper and email customers their receipts.

Void Transactions

Easy Returns and Voids

Automatically or Manually Submit Batches

You don’t have to go through a lengthy refund process if the original transaction hasn’t been batched yet. You can void it with a just a few taps instead.
Don’t know wether to perform a void or a refund? PayHub figures that out for you and displays that appropriate option automatically.
PayHub Mobile allows you to automatically send your batches at a time you choose. But if you want to manually submit a batch, you can do that too!


User Management

PayHub Mobile uses the same user management that PayHub VT uses. This makes it easy to give your employees access to their own PayHub account. Each account is tracked.

PayHub Mobile works with PayHub VT

Any transaction performed on PayHub Mobile is accessible and editable through PayHub’s online tool.
Learn more about PayHub.

Numbers in screenshots come from sample data and does not represent business expectations. Results vary from business to business.

PayHub Mobile is under constant development and improvement. Screenshots may show different information than what is currently available.

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