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CPAY is committed to your success as a sales agent. We provide the right business tools and support to build a long-term relationship based on trust, reliability, and ethics. Find a financially-rewarding career you deserve with CPAY.

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As one of the fastest-growing payment processors in the country, Central Payment provides competitive pricing, cutting-edge technology and 24/7 customer care. We provide payment, loyalty and marketing services to over 65,000 businesses, and process over $10 billion in credit card sales annually.


CPAY is more than just your average credit card processor. Experience a level of support and service unlike any other. Align yourself with a reputable and credible leader with strong financial health. Equip yourself with an expansive array of sales tools, including the most up to date technologies and products for your customers. Get help from expert support and experienced relationship managers.

“Central Payment is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked for.”

- Chad Johnson, Orlando, Florida

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Do you have experience or an interest in banking, credit card services, accounting, finance, business development, account management, sales, or customer service?


We’re looking for independent Outside Sales Representatives within the United States.

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merchant service industry?

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“Every member and department is phenomenal. They’ll listen and help.”

- Fred Lee, Chicago, Illinois


Unlimited Potential


Infinite and uncapped earnings with upfront cash incentives (paid daily), bonuses and residual income. Awards (President’s Club), honors and sales contests held throughout the year.


Put money in your pocket with every merchant account you sign. Sales Directors (relationship managers) are in a position to offer weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses and other sales incentives.


Partner with Security


Central Payment formed a joint venture with TSYS (Total System Services – NYSE: TSS) in 2012, a leader in the card payment industry. We pride ourselves on being a debt-free and stable company in a recession-proof industry. Our focus is on the future of our Sales Representatives. You are our #1 customer. We are committed to building a long-term business relationship with you.


Everybody Loves Free


Our “Free Terminal program” allows you to give free equipment (Vx520 EMV/NFC capable / Vx680 wireless terminal / Cpay Mobile / Cpay Tablet / Virtual Terminal / RiO Restaurant) to your customers. Absolutely no strings attached and a great close-the-deal incentive.


A Great Bottom Line


Our guarantee is that we can match or beat any merchant’s existing rates. In the rare case that we cannot, we will pay the merchant $250 for the time it took to match their price.


Exceptional Customer Support


We offer around-the-clock Customer Service and Technical Support, 24/7/365. Our vital support network serves to retain business and ensure best in class service for you and your customers.

Be Your Own Boss


Set your own hours. Enjoy the freedom that comes with working for yourself, but not by yourself. Central Payment provides you with all the necessary tools, support, and training you need to close deals and become a successful Sales Representative.


Superior Agent Support


Central Payment has a solid infrastructure for training and developing your skill set to become a successful Sales Representative.


We provide professional training and support through our robust agent portal (Central Station), live conference calls (hosted daily) and experienced relationship managers that work for you.


Our dynamic online tools help you monitor and manage your business and customers in real time. Within the virtual office, you can view underwriting statuses for your merchants, current and archived sales proposals, product/service information, electronic applications, marketing collateral, residual/payroll reports, prospect reporting amongst many other resources.


Upward Mobility


We recognize individuals with the drive to succeed. Regional Marketing positions and Marketing Campaigns are available for key Sales Representatives.


An Awesome Deal


You will receive residual commission for every merchant account you sign up. We split (50%/50%) the net revenue with you on a monthly basis, which can eventually become a guaranteed income stream for you in the future. Note: this is not a buy rate program, but a true interchange split program.

“It’s never boring and always a challenge. Every business owner is different.”

- Sasha-Lee Richter, Los Angeles, California

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a successful Sales Rep?


Our Sales Representatives come from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds. We look for candidates who are...


*  Motivated

*  A Great Communicator

*  A Fast Learner

*  A Hard Worker

*  A Person of Integrity

*  Professional

*  Interested in Sales

*  Technologically Capable


How much am I compensated?


This is a performance-based job, as you are setup as an independent Sales Representative. Although you are ineligible for a wage or salary, you will earn upfront commissions, bonuses and residuals for every merchant account signed.

How will I be educated?


We want to ensure that you will have a solid knowledge base when entering the field. Thus, we have several education resources that are available to you. Your Sales Director will be responsible for providing the one-on-one training (optional). The agent portal provides training video and audio files, along with training literature and general questions and answers about the industry itself. Lastly, we host live conference calls twice a day, Monday through Friday, covering a variety of topics to take you to the next level.



How much does it cost me to get started?


There are absolutely no out of pocket expenses payable to Central Payment. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for transportation (gas/phone, etc). We offer marketing brochures, business cards, ongoing education and support from an experienced and seasoned Sales Director.

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Thank you for your inquiry with Central Payment. Please complete the form below. You will receive a call from a Central Payment recruiter within a business day to discuss the position in detail.


This Independent Sales Agent opportunity can only be performed within the United States. Each sales agent must provide documentation evidencing the legal status to work within the United States.


As a National Account Executive, I will personally invest in your training and develop your skills as an agent to guide you in your growth to becoming financially independent.


My philosophy has allowed me to dominate the competition. This is a huge, competitive advantage because you'll be able to close deals and earn a tremendous amount of compensation.


So, join now and let your earnings be all the proof you need!


- Peter Bisconti




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