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Founded in late 2005, by twin brothers Zachary and Matthew Hyman, Central Payment has rapidly built a national reputation and client base.


Central Payment is nationally-recognized as a leading provider of transaction processing services and social marketing software, providing support to more than 60,000 small, medium and large businesses across the United States. It annually processes more than 10 billion in credit card sales.

Considered one of the fastest growing comanies in 2012, CPAY utilizes innovative technologies for your benefit.
Six consecutive years in INC. 500/500 - Your Agent Peter Bisconti (855) 226-2729
Six consecutive years in INC. 500/500 - Your Agent Peter Bisconti (855) 226-2729


As an Account executive to Central Payment, Inc., my mission is to educate business owners that processing credit card transactions through a direct processor will allow the them to obtain a better rate and reap benefits from state-of-the-art technologies, which will impact the bottom line in their business.

Six consecutive years in INC. 500/500 - Your Agent Peter Bisconti (855) 226-2729


As one of the fastest growing and most innovative payment processors in the country, the Company provides best in class service based on competitive pricing and technology-based solutions. Employing a combination of a broadly-experienced staff and an entrepreneurial approach to conducting business, the Northern California based company is dedicated to maximizing growth and profit opportunities for its customers



The President's Club was started by Central Payment's Co Managing Members Zach & Matt Hyman, to honor those account executive that have achieved excellence during a calendar year. The President's club members gathered in Las Vegas, NV., this year to share their success with management and brainstorm the merchant service industry.


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